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The Ranch

Sandmeiers combine the purebred Charolais operation and the back grounding of Charolais cross calves with grain farming and custom forage harvesting.

Founded in 1967. 


The Family 

The operation was originally operated by brothers, Calvin and Gary Sandmeier.   Matthew, Calvin's son has returned to the operation and he and his wife, Maria, are the next generation of Sandmeier Charolais. Matthew graduated from SDSU with an associates degree in agriculture in Dec. 2012.  He continued to pursue his bachelor's degree in animal science as a part time student and a full time part of Sandmeier Charolais, graduating in December 2015.

Calvin, John and Gary
Calvin and Gary
Calvin, Janet, Rosemary and Gary
Grandma with John, Gary, Calvin
Calvin, Matthew and Megan
Matthew and Maria
Grandpa and Gage
Grandma Mildred
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